When Enough Finally Became Enough…

Though I am for an aggressive non-violence approach to any injustice, I can understand why innocent protesters fought back these untrained & cowardly security guards.  In past protests, these guards have unconsciously attacked women, children, monks and the elderly with no regards.

I hope this sends a strong message that you can’t just beat innocent people for simply wanting to be heard.  These innocent people these guards are beating are their brother and sisters.  The protesters want the same type of justice and fair society for the guards as they do for anyone else.

I believe in karma and you know how the saying goes.

‘Payback can sometimes be a bitch.’

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Its Time They Step In…

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Since the courts are corrupt in every which way, why not sway them for a good cause?  These corporations have the power to pressure the courts in making the right decision.  23 innocent victims have been locked up for 5 months without any type of due process or evidence linking them to the crimes they are accused of.

These corporations can also pressure their outsourcing factories to raise the minimum wage, a fair wage that the factory workers deserve.

Here’s a unified slogan for these corporations: “Do The F’n Right Thing…

UPDATE:  All Protesters were found guilty (predictable) but their sentence and fines were suspended.  Translation: ‘We don’t have a single piece of evidence  but we just can’t let you walk away free after being locked up for 5 months.  Our reputation and consistency is on the line!’

The Truth That Set Her Free…


Sometimes its very easy to overlook certain things when the greater good of a goal is being met.

She may have lied or fabricated stories, but that should not diminish the great work she has done for many the people  of Cambodia and others that are involved in the anti-human trafficking cause.

Her resignation is rightfully so because the greater goal is to help continue the fight of human trafficking so her foundation should be able to move on from this.  It should not be the goal to discredit everything she has done and propose terms like ‘fraud’ or ‘predator’ without recognizing her work in context.

Thanks Somaly for your hard work and goodbye!

Who Are These Masked Cowards? A Throwback to the Goons of the 70s…

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***BESTPIX*** Forced Eviction Turns Violent In Phnom Penh April-21

Why the helmets?  What is there to hide?

How did they get unlimited power to beat civilians at will?

Why are they not held accountable for their violent actions?

They remind me of a group of people who also went after their own Cambodian people.  Different circumstances but same mindset.  Too many sheeps and not enough shepherds.