When Enough Finally Became Enough…

Though I am for an aggressive non-violence approach to any injustice, I can understand why innocent protesters fought back these untrained & cowardly security guards.  In past protests, these guards have unconsciously attacked women, children, monks and the elderly with no regards.

I hope this sends a strong message that you can’t just beat innocent people for simply wanting to be heard.  These innocent people these guards are beating are their brother and sisters.  The protesters want the same type of justice and fair society for the guards as they do for anyone else.

I believe in karma and you know how the saying goes.

‘Payback can sometimes be a bitch.’

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17 Years Ago ’til Now


17 years ago, Cambodia was in a different place.  Opposition to Hun Sen’s dictatorship meant you we’re risking your life.  In 1997, an ordinary rally by the opposition, including Mr. Rainsy, turned deadly as grenades were thrown in the the crowd.

16 DEAD and 100 INJURED, including SAM RAINSY

 Unfortunately, the suspects were never caught because they were hidden amongst the military/police forces that were there observing the rally.  There is no doubt who approved of these acts.

Today, the opposition have some protection due to pressures from outside influences but in many ways, things are still the same.  Hun Sen and his control over the government, military, media, elections, and police forces have made it hard for anyone to challenge him….until now.

The CNRP have made great strides but they must learn how to play politics like a great counter boxer.  Every small gain by the party has been easily countered by Hun Sen’s ‘people’.  Momentum should always be critically valued and used to defend any absurd countermoves by Hun Sen as he and his party introduce new laws /ordinances with pencils.  Momentum should never be taken for granted because it is hard to regain once lost.

We want peace.  We want justice.  We want a TRUE leader.

No compromises.