“What Women’s Day?” -CPP

An attempt to gather at ‘Freedom Park’ for International Women’s day to only be met with barricades set up by security forces, police, and the military.  Oh, the irony.

What else will the Gov’t allow but NOT allow?


Monks Only A True King Could Admire

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   Jayavarman VII was a King of Kings.  His Buddhist philosophy led the Khmer Empire out of darkness and into its greatest territorial expansion.

Today, the monks of Cambodia are an extension of what Jayavarman VII envisioned Cambodia to be: a society that believed in compassion, morality and respectfulness towards one another and the Kingdom’s land.  They will continue to advocate for these virtues; but with all the injustices present in Cambodia, pushing the boundaries of contention has proven to be unavoidable.
They are on the right side of history.