When Enough Finally Became Enough…

Though I am for an aggressive non-violence approach to any injustice, I can understand why innocent protesters fought back these untrained & cowardly security guards.  In past protests, these guards have unconsciously attacked women, children, monks and the elderly with no regards.

I hope this sends a strong message that you can’t just beat innocent people for simply wanting to be heard.  These innocent people these guards are beating are their brother and sisters.  The protesters want the same type of justice and fair society for the guards as they do for anyone else.

I believe in karma and you know how the saying goes.

‘Payback can sometimes be a bitch.’

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Deforestation in the Kingdom has the fifth fastest rate in the world.

Garment workers in the Kingdom make $95 dollars a month.

Globalization and a weak, corrupt Government has done more harm than good for the Kingdom.

A River Changes Course exposes the issues most people in the Kingdom face today.

Directed by Kalyanee Mam


When Uneducated, Corrupt Pea Brains get Elected to Serve the People…

Sok Penh Vuth, a deputy governor, physically hurting peaceful protesters.

Clearly the proof is in the pudding right??? Not so fast, according to his boss.

“I have no more comment or explanation about whether my official committed wrong or not, because using technology the video could have edited out other people to be replaced by my official,” he said.

Unfortunately, this is a typical type of response you will get from any politician from the motherland. Logic and reasoning pulled out of a 5th grade class room. On another note, who chases monks? That’s beyond low class.